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Peaceful Pets is a company designed to provide the quality of care in end of life situations, such as hospice, to the animal world. Whether it is a geriatric pet or a terminally ill pet, saying goodbye and preparing for life without them can be difficult. It is with this in mind that Peaceful Pets will offer advice and care plans to ease and prevent suffering in your beloved pets.

Dr. Kelly McDermott.

Peaceful Pets is owned and operated by Dr. Kelly McDermott. She graduated with a BVSc from Massey University in 2011. She has spent the last few years providing small animal veterinary medicine, and has realised the need and desires for pet owners to have home based pet care. Growing up in the United States, she was exposed to all sorts of pets from temporary wild pigs, snakes, and alligators, to the more common dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, hampsters, gerbils and fish. As such, she understands the human- animal bond, and unfortunately has experienced the end of life scenario many times. While it is never easy, knowing that she is easing suffering and pain allows her to provide end of life care gratefully. Kelly currently has a small mob of ex racing greyhounds, a fluffy mutt, 1 cat, 1 fish, some chickens and kids which all keep her very busy. As well she greatly enjoys the amazing NZ outdoors, by scuba diving and playing sports (when she’s not broken!)

What We Offer

  • In- home consultation
  • End stage care plans and treatment
  • Sedation to ensure pain free goodbyes
  • Humane euthanasia in a place of your choosing
  • Cremation options (disposal, scatter boxes, wooden urns)
  • Memorial keepsake (clay paws, laser engraved crystals)


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Currently servicing the Manawatu & Wellington regions.
Veterinary home based, compassionate pet care.

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